Vol I

by Inner Altar

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Rotfuchs thumbnail
Rotfuchs This is the kind of music that is hard to find nowadays: Doom Metal as it should be.I totally fell in love with this record since the first few seconds of Morningstar. It should definitely be pressed on vinyl. Favorite track: III Fall Of The Rebel Angels.
Steve Rodger
Steve Rodger thumbnail
Steve Rodger You didn't think I was gonna' pass on this one did ya ? This has everything I need ... Doomy proto-metal.. Favorite track: II A War In The Heavens.
Jimi thumbnail
Jimi A flaming arrow flying towards my heart, always hungry of doomy sounds. Didn't even try to dodge. Favorite track: III Fall Of The Rebel Angels.
FDJ thumbnail
FDJ Ass kicking stoner doom with a touch of proto-metal at it's heart.
Great vocals that have a sort of epic doom vibe to them and circular riffs soaked in distortion and wah.
Niiiiice! Favorite track: II A War In The Heavens.
paul rote
paul rote thumbnail
paul rote Woohoo ! I've been waiting on this one. It did not disappoint. Very unique no cliches. Protometal style hard rocker. Songs are based on the biblical fall of Satan. He is not exalted finally. Here the truth of his horror is presented. The lake of fire is his destiny. Favorite track: II A War In The Heavens.
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Vol I by Inner Altar. Tape release on Ritual Knife Records ( May 9th, 2015)


released March 30, 2015



all rights reserved


Inner Altar Kansas City, Missouri


XXII - Lord Rewcifer
VII - Long Feather
VII - Tunks
II - Seasnake
IV - Strong Smoke


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Track Name: I Morningstar

Give me the light
I will call the dawn
my love, illuminate near and far

Because I am your Morningstar

I was there in the garden
I walked the land
on bended knee I have obeyed
But what is this I see?

Your love was given to such lowly creation
Yet those you raise so high
But they don’t understand

I will bring unto them all
for I was once your Morningstar
With praise, I sit high to the right of your side
Is it better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven?

Given unto me I will bear the light
A brilliance never seen
But they do not fear

I shall cast the dawn
Illuminate near and far
Track Name: II A War In The Heavens
A War in the Heavens

With wings outstretched and spear in hand
Dragon atop chain of command

Creature of the light soon to only know shadow
three days ‘til the son will end the battle
neither throne nor crown before we’re hurled down

To his kingdom, we will march
From below, we will rise

Only Hell awaits outside the gates
Better make way for Satan’s army

A war up above and the son now has shown
Our legions purged before we are exiled below
Track Name: III Fall Of The Rebel Angels
Fall of the Rebel Angels

I once wished to raise my throne above the sky, the stars
here we are stranded on the shore
Heaven is now so far

The burning lake I awoke to see
never would have thought – is this a dream?

Reviving spirits with my speech
us, he wants no more
fallen rebels mine to teach ‘cause Heaven has closed its door

The burning lake I awoke to see
great war above – we’re remembering

Angels once high, now so low
their halos turned to shards
I once wished to raise my throne above the sky, the stars

Cast out we fell like rain
take refuge within Pandemonium
Satan has come

Banished to Tartarus
Council beyond the abyss

We’ve fallen from grace
Track Name: IV Reign Of Sorrow | Months Of Mist
Reign of Sorrow/Months of Mist

We awaken
nothing but ashen land to see
I’ve been seeking an escape in the Prince’s sleep

Months of mist
my sorrow flows through River Styx

The temptation of one he calls, Eve
within Eden
the first to know sin is she

Months of mist
tears seep through the walls of Dis

To creation the dark lord takes flight
Man is a fool deceived by the serpent’s guise

Months of mist
vengeance forgone by Erinys

There is a road over chaos
it leads back from the Earth
surely he knows by now of the success Death has learned

Returning to his reign
rejoice is sought in this
there will be no celebration for they can only slither and hiss